Selling at auction a gamble?

There is always a risk of not getting the price you want or think you should.  But when doing auctions there are a few things to remember.

Knisely Auctions always tries to get the best price.  Remember auctioneers do this for a living and they want your items to bring the most amount of money.

Typically when selling at auctions there is not  any sentimental value as the people who are there buying usually don’t know whose property is being sold — this creates a true Arms-Length-Transaction and Fair Market Value through competitive bidding.  Bidders are buying the item/items because they collect, need or the item for sale is a good deal.

Many items sell very high at auction and others don’t but in the long run the items balance out. For instance an item you think should bring more money don’t and the item/items you thought didn’t have value brings higher money.

When you sell an item at auction if it in good working order, clean, and overall a good quality item you will get a better price.  Antiques and collectibles usually always do good at auction.

Most Auctioneers have a good idea what most items are worth and you need not be afraid to ask their opinion. But do not be surprised when they don’t guarantee the price you want.

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