Estate Auction

What is an Estate Auction and why would I need one?

An estate auction is conducted to settle personal property and/or real property of an unusually bad circumstances I.e… a  family members passing, sever illness, downsizing to a retirement center or nursing home, moving, etc.  The number one reason for estate auctions are due to a death in the family.


A personal representative for the estate is often called the executor or executrix of the estate.   If the owner dies without naming someone in their will, an estate sale is called a probate sale and the auction will be ordered by the court.


Knisely Auction Services conducts estate auctions.  Typically the estate auction is held on the premises of the owner; however, if parking and area space is not permitting we will schedule the sale to be held inside a building with adequate parking and seating space.  Knisely Auction Services treats all estate auctions with the highest respect and integrity.  We always work to meet the sellers best interests.


We understand that an estate auction can be a challenging process for someone. The scope of the process is usually overwhelming to the survivors.  We are always happy to discuss the available options and to simplify the process.


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