Clean Out Service

“Knisely Auctions” offers a complete Clean-Out Service:

From entire estate clean outs to uncluttering attics, garages, sheds, barns and basements…no matter what your needs are “Knisely Auction Services” can help you!


Knisely Auctions offers clean-out services for estates by uncluttering, downsizing of contents, and removal of possessions due to prepping estate for market.  No matter what your need may be “Knisely Auction Services” can help you decide on the best method to get the job done.


All our clean-outs include broom-swept and basic cleaning to help ease the burden when bringing your home to market.


Do not call “Junkers” to come and take your stuff.  They refer to your possessions as JUNK!  Knisely Auctions strives to handle all your possessions professionally and with respect.  We will look over your contents and consult with you on making a plan to unclutter or get the estate ready for market.


Depending on the size of your estate and/or the amount of possessions you want to unclutter we offer three different services to help meet your needs: 


  1. We work on a trade; we cover the costs of labor, disposal fees, and leave the home “broom-swept” in exchange for the contents.
  2. We charge you a fee, which covers the costs of labor, disposal fees and leave the home “broom-swept”
  3. We charge you a fee which covers the costs of labor, disposal fees, and leave the home “broom-swept”. We then do a contract consignment with you to bring items to Auction. We will front all clean-out costs including labor, hauling and disposal fees. We then take the clean-out service amount from the total sale of auction. You will then be given a check minus commission and clean-out fees.  We offer multiple auction methods. We can discuss these during your free consultation!


Our consultation is always free.  We will consult with homeowners, executors/executrixes, trustees, guardians, real estate agents and attorneys to determine which service will be needed.


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