Everything about the chant. What it is and how do I.

Bid Calling Part II – How Do I?

If you haven’t done the Bid Calling Part 1 – Tongue Twister  click here   NUMBER DRILLS TIP:  Your chant is important. Develop your own style to fit your personality. Do not copy someone else. Listen to and learn from other auctioneers. Pick out the good points and the bad […]



What is The Chant?

Why do auctioneers talk fast? Auctioneers speak fast to set the tone and rhythm of the sale.  We use filler words such as “I’m bid 1 $ n Now 2” and “Would ya Give”  to set a rhythm with a chant to aid in increasing top dollar for the seller.  As […]

Bid Calling – How Do I?

Bid Calling  Lesson I One of the most important tools for an auctioneer other than product knowledge is the “Chant”.  Below are some tongue twisters you can practice.  Practice,  Practice and Practice and before you know it you will be chanting like an auctioneer.   Chant 1: Rubber Baby Buggy  […]