About Auctions

This section will contain posts that will help explain the auction process, what an auctioneer does, what are some rules that must be followed. Posts will be educational in nature.


Arm’s Length Transaction

What is an Arm’s Length Transaction?   Auctions is one of the best means to bring a true Arm’s Length Transaction and establish fair market value.   An arm’s length transaction is one in which the buyer/tenant and seller/owner act independently and have no relationship (by blood, marriage or unrelated business dealings) to […]

Auctioneers and Communication?

What are some communications skills an auctioneer must learn and practice?   Here is another paper I’ve written while attending Auctioneering School through Clarion University.   Interpersonal skills can be either Verbal, Non Verbal (behavioral), and Written. Each one of these interpersonal skills have their own characteristics of importance to […]



What are reasons for an Auction?

What are some reasons for an auction?   An auction usually occurs for the following reasons it could be due to a death, foreclosure, downsizing, consignment, benefit, charity, taxes, liquidations and general hardships. An Auctioneer follows ethical codes and takes into consideration and gives respect to the seller due to any nature […]


Auctioneer = Marketing Specialist?

Auctioneer Does = Marketing Specialist! During auctioneering school through Clarion University the auctioneering students were taught that Auctioneers are Marketing Specialists.  Much of our studies were focused on public relations, procurement of goods, consumer law, real estate law and successful marketing of goods. Auctioneers are actually Marketing Specialists and one […]

What is an Auction?

Tip: Don’t be afraid to bid! The below is something I  turned in as an assignment during Auctioneering School.  I’m going to share it here as it may help clarify what an auction is and also a quick look at the work an Auctioneer puts into organizing an auction for a […]