Benefit Auction Information

What is a benefit auction?  And how can “Knisely Auction Services” help?

Knisely Auction Service has a desire to help families in need, organizations and fundraising in order to make a difference in communities.


A Benefit auction is a means to raise money for a charity, organization, community, families and individuals either for a cause or improvement to current conditions, the raising of funds to meet a goal or to help with medical expenses and to help alleviate financial strains.


Benefit auctions are possible by the help of community members through the process of donations either tangible or intangible in nature. Benefit auctions bring communities together to help achieve a common goal in making a difference.


If you belong to a charity group, an organization, an individual or family that is in need of financial assistance; a benefit auction may be of interest to you.


Individuals and families that are going through tough times due to illness or loss of home due to unforseen events a benefit auction may be a good fit to help financially to get you back on your feet.


Please contact us and see how Knisely Auction Services can help organize and walk you through the benefit auction process. We at Knisely Auction Services will help organize, plan and stage all aspects of the event.


Please see the Troy Hughes Benefit auction that we organized and conducted. That was our first benefit auction. Knisely Auction Services plans to continue helping communities, ogranizations and members of communites through a Benefit auction experience.


We will help with Benefit Auctions for the following reasons:

  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Churches
  • Individuals with Severe Medical Issues
  • Individuals and Families whom had loss of home due to an unforseen event

Contact us and see if a Benefit / Charity auction is a fit for your need. We give free consultation and will explain how we will walk you through the entire process of holding your own benefit auction.





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