About Auctioneer

Pennsylvania License # AU005959

William R Knisely Jr. first got involved in auctions not long after a company he worked for as a Technical Writer and Illustrator shut down leaving him unemployed. He just bought his family’s first home and found himself unemployed due to the closure.  Being down to his last few dollars he attended his first auction the summer of 2005. During his participation at auctions as a buyer for resell in order to keep his family sustained; he decided to become an auctioneer.

He was sponsored to be an apprentice auctioneer in Nov 2006 and done so under the supervision of a licensed auctioneer.   March of 2008 he reentered the work force as a System Information Technician where he performed an array of different technology implementation for several remote locations from Bedford PA to Lafayette Louisiana. During his employment as a System Information Technician he continued to auctioneer as an apprentice until Feb of 2010 when he decided to put the auctioneering world on hold so he could focus more on his IT career which required him to be on call 24/7.

December of 2014 looking to simplify his life he changed careers and joined a leading technology industry provider and once again as an IT professional however the new job didn’t require 24/7 on call status which freed up his time to once again pursue his interest and dreams of being an auctioneer. He enrolled into Auctioneering school through Clarion University where he did a 20 credit hour study and 145 hour internship under a supervised auctioneer.

While maintaining his day job, attending school, homework, performing internship, and travel time each week; he would sometimes work 90+ hours a week chasing his dream. He graduated from Clarion University with a 4.0 GPA and successfully passed the Pennsylvania Auctioneering State Board Exam with high scores.   During his time as a student with Clarion University he, on his own, planned, procured goods and organized a benefit auction to help an individual whom was fighting cancer and gave all proceeds to the cancer patient’s family. Mr. Knisely donated over $1,000.00 of his own funds to make the event a success.

He has gained a lot of product knowledge and the skills to market those products due to his experience in the auction business since 2005. His specialty is antiques and collectibles. His knowledge can bring value to those overlooked items. Over the years he has sold over 100,000 items combined with both brick and mortar auctions and online auctions.

His Education background consists of Computer Science studies at Compu-Tech, Business Administration studies at Alleghany Community College, Psychology studies at Mt Aloysius and Auctioneering studies at Clarion University which focused on Real Estate Law, Consumer Law, Public Relations and Auctioneering Law. He has attended many training sessions including MOUS, TOC, CCPM, Technical Writing, and computer application studies including CompTIA and Microsoft.

His past work experience includes: Teacher of Adult Education in Computer Applications, Technical Writer / Illustrator, Information Technology, Auctioneering, Online Ecommerce. He entered the workforce as a butcher while still in high school.

Mr. Knisely enjoys computers, gaming, fishing, hiking, family time, movies, music, technical reading, antiques, traveling, dining out and gardening. He also enjoys making a difference in others’ lives by giving and supporting good causes.